Welcome to the Construction Technology Institute (CTI)

The leading platform committed to shaping the future of the construction industry through technological innovation, sustainability, and collaboration.
Based in Washington, DC, CTI serves as a dynamic interface between industry executives, researchers, policy-makers, and international entities, driving dialogue, facilitating trade missions, and fostering strategic alliances.

Our Mission

Our mission is to catalyze change in the construction industry, aligning technology and sustainability to create resilient, future-ready built environments. We focus on delivering insights on digital transformation, promoting green construction methodologies, and contributing to the development of smart infrastructure technologies.

Our Work

Government Advisory

We serve as an expert advisory body to government stakeholders, offering roundtable discussions, preparation for hearings, and collaboration on international intergovernmental initiatives.

Research & Advisory

We conduct extensive academic and commercially-focused research, providing invaluable insights and recommendations to stakeholders in the construction technology industry.

Trade Missions

Our domestic and international trade missions offer construction technology companies opportunities for expansion, partnerships, and exposure to new markets.

Events & Briefings

Regular live and virtual events keep our members informed about the latest industry developments, technology trends, and regulatory updates.

Partnerships for Impact

Our social impact initiatives, such as our partnership with the Emancip8 Project, highlight our commitment to societal advancement. We also work with the NetZero Incubator & Accelerator to promote carbon reduction, green construction, and sustainability best practices in the construction industry.

Join Us

Whether you’re an executive director keen on steering your organization towards a technologically advanced future or a construction technology company seeking growth and influence, CTI has a place for you. Explore our membership options and join us as we shape the future of the construction industry. Together, we can collaborate, innovate, and transform.

Stay Informed

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